76-14 Ultra-Mag cleaner

Acid Free Cleaner

Made in Canada

  • Color: green
  • pH value: 13.0

Specific non-acid cleaner to bring back shine on aluminum and dull stainless steel parts.
Efficient remover of diesel combustion residues, oxidation and grease.
No contents of solvents based on aromatic, aliphatic or chlorinated hydrocarbons.
Not acid (pH=13).
Does not whiten (100% guaranteed).
• No unpleasant vapors
• Biodegradable
• Non-flammable
• No phosphates
• Non-abrasive
• Industrial power
• Pleasant cherry odor

Range of application

Unlike most of the tire mag cleaners, Ultra-Mag is not acid and is, therefore, suitable for any mag type. It removes any brake residues, dirt, grease, oil, etc.
Protect from frost and follow instructions printed on product label. Spray onto the surface leaving to act for 1-2 minutes.
Rub off and rinse lavishly. Generally a small quantity is enough. Repeat the operation to remove stubborn dirt.