ICRE/500 Restore Inoxiclean

Restoration SST


ICRE 500 Inoxiclean Restore Cibo restoration SST corrosion

Remove flash rust and other impurities from stainless steel, aluminium & copper in a trice with InoxiClean Restore. Apply InoxiClean Restore; let it work in for 5 minutes, rub and rinse, and everything looks as good as new. InoxiClean works like a deep cleaner which enables you to quickly remove dirt from deep within the pores of the surface, without affecting the oxide protective layer on the stainless steel surface.

InoxiClean Restore removes corrosion, dirt and oil, and brings back the material’s original lustre in the wink of an eye. Moreover, InoxiClean Restore applies a water and dirt repellent protective layer, keeping the surface protected from new dirt and corrosion for longer periods of time. InoxiClean Restore is 100% biodegradable, and the product is therefore not harmful to man or the environment.

Advantages of InoxiClean Restore:
• Removes rust and impurities in a fast and safe manner
• Brings back the original lustre and appearance of your stainless steel
• 100% biodegradable


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Range of application

Acid rain, soot particles, fine dust, and other unfavorable environmental factors affect the surface of stainless steel and make it lustreless.