Universal Cleaner NSF 75-7701 75-7704 75-7720



Universal Cleaner 75-77 Acid free deep acting safety cleaning fluid for removing oil, fat and protein stains.

● Non-flammable
● Free of solvents requiring declaration (authorisation).
● Biologically degradable in accordance with EC Regulations.
● Not subject to the quick separation directive (for oil separators)
● Dilute with water, 1 : 40 – according to purpose used.
● Contains corrosion inhibitor for short-term corrosion protection.
● Approved NSF : Nonfood Compounds Program Listed A1 Registration # 141940

Range of application

For the cleaning of industrial and mechanical equipment as well as for vehicles, engines, sign-boards, facades, fittings, heating plants, kitchen installations and in general for degreasing metal and stainless-steel surfaces, also for the removal of algae deposits on stone, synthetics and metal. Spray soiled parts, leave for short time to act, wipe off or spray off. WARNING: For cleaning of anodized aluminum-zinc coatings, dilute by 1 : 30 to 1 : 40 only. Protect content from frost!