75-55 SST Cleaner Cloth

Cleans and Protects


Commercial kitchens, kitchen-making, gastro-engineering, hospitals, food and drink industry, benches, catering,sanitary facilities, dairies, winemaking companies, cleaning companies. Can be used on: stainless steel, non-ferrous heavy metals, aluminum, stoves and smooth surfaces.

• Highly effective caring and cleaning emulsion.
• Ready to use
• Cleans, cares for and protects in a single work process
• Removes fingerprints and light marks with no effort
• No cleaning smears
• Leaves stainless steel surfaces shiny as brand new
• Provides treated surfaces with a water repellent protective film

Also available in aerosol:


70-55-stainless-steel-care-spray METAFLUX Clean Protects Anti-Static