70-75 Paste Spray

White lubricant

Made in Germany

70-75 Paste Spray Metaflux lubricant white resistant grease-free

• White lubricant and assembly paste in aerosol
• Metal and grease-free
• Resistant to water and water vapor
• Highly resistant to alkalis and acid agents
• Widely neutral to high-quality plastics and elastomers
• Color: white
• Temp. resistance: -30°C to +150°C [-22°F to +302°F]
• Thickness: 0.675 g/cm³ [0.39 oz./in³]

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Range of application

Full range of servicing and maintenance tasks on friction points operating at low to medium slide speed, including small and short sliding motions (stick-slip) under high static and dynamic stress to protect against friction, frictional corrosion and wear out. Apply to threaded spindles, bearings, profiled runners, adjustment mechanisms, friction points on tools and mechanical aids or use to assist when fitting linings etc. Clean and degrease the surface. Apply paste thinly and spread by using a brush or a cloth which does not have loose fiber. Do not rub in.