70-44 Rust Safe Spray

Primary corrosion protection

Made in Switzerland

70-44 Rust Safe Spray Metaflux stops corrosion excellent adhesion

• Primary and secondary corrosion protection for metal surfaces
• Excellent adhesion to clean or rusty surfaces
• Good penetration on welded areas
• Can be top coated with any paint or varnish
• Highly resistant to acids and alkalis
• Good UV stability
• Resistant to water infiltration
• Airproof
• Corrosion test according to DIN 53.210 and DIN 53.209
• Color: gray
• Salt spray test as per DIN 50.021: 600 hours
• Temp. resistance: up to +120°C [+248°F]

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Range of application

Primary rust protection for all metallic surfaces to prevent the formation of rust.
Secondary rust protection for all metallic surfaces that are already affected by rust, forming a water and airproof barrier.
Remove loose rust particles, dirt, oil, grease or wax and simply apply vertically and horizontally to create the best protection barrier.