76-4901 / 76-4904 / 76-4920 / 76-4945 Remover ECO

Ecologic degreaser


76-49 Remover Eco Degreaser oil ink adhesive pleasant citrus smell. Degreaser with citrus extracts designed for the rapid removal of oil, grease, adhesive residues, tar, lubricants, resins, etc.

• Delayed drying for more strength
• Citrus odor
• Natural active ingredients
• Water emulsifier
• Biodegradable
• Color: yellow gold
• pH: 8.9
76-46 = Remover
76-49 = Remover economic, ecologic.


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Range of application

Removes hydraulic oil from heavy machinery. Easily cleans all factory floors requiring thorough cleaning before being painted, hoods, deep fryers, grease stains on carpets, clothing and furniture, spruce gum on clothing. Completely removes oil inlaid on nested paving stones (plain pads).