76-1301 Leather conditionner

Professional protection of leather

Made in Canada

76-1301 Conditionneur protection longue durée assouplit Cuirs
  • Color: white cream
  • Protection type: high
  • Product base: oil for leather upholstery

Protect-it Plus is a special liquid intended for professional protection of leather upholstery.
It contains an oil base for an excellent spreading on any leather surfaces and long-lasting protection.
• Brilliant luster for over a month
• Ready to use
• Safe
• Prevents drying out and cracking of leather
• Mild odor
• Colorless

Range of application

Intended for professional protection of leather upholstery in cars, trucks, vans, motorhomes, boats, homes, offices, etc.
Apply the required quantity of product by cloth or brush and spread on the leather surface. Avoid applying excess product.