75-2701 / 75-2704 / 75-2720 / 75-2745 Citrus Cleaner

Neutral Degreaser

Made in Germany

75-27 Citrus Intensive Cleaner Concentrated remove oil, adhesive

• Color: clear
• Temp. resistance: -30°C to +70°C [-22°F to +158°F]
• Highly concentrated universal alkaline detergent containing natural active agents (citrus extract).
• Replaces trichlorinated products and dangerous cleaning agents thinners.
• Pleasant citrus smell
• Non-water soluble
• Flammable

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Range of application

To remove oil, grease, glue, tar, silicone, resin and rubber residues from tools and washable surfaces. Efficient against pen, pencil and fiber markers writings on surfaces and color stains. Adhesive residues on glass surfaces, window frames etc.
Also available in spray Metaflux 75-17 (C.F.C. free).