NSF approved lubricant

Made in Germany

71-09 Biolub paste Metaflux lubricant NSF approved food industry

• Color: beige
• Temp. resistance: -40°C to +120°C [-40°F to +248°F]
• Licensing: NSF H1 #141852
• Thickness: 0.900 g/cm³ [0.52 oz./in³]
• NLGI Class 1: as per DIN 51 818
• Special lubricant for wide range of applications in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry
• No odor, smell or taste
• Non-soluble in water, alcohol, milk and dairy products or juices
• Does not turn rancid

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Range of application

All mechanical devices operating in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.
Meat processing, breweries, distilleries, juice plants, large-scale kitchens, hospitals, hotels, bakeries, laboratories, dairies, mills.
Ideal applications:
Dosing pistons, friction bearings, rolling bearings, motion rods, rolling machines, stamps, cylinder roller bearings, tubular tracks, transport conveyors, taps, valves, etc.