70-97 Impregnation Spray

Waterproofing product







70-97-impregnation spray Metaflux waterproofing Durable protection

Effective professional waterproofing product for the impregnation of textiles, fabrics and leather. Durable protection, preserves surfaces. Improves the strength of the materials by protecting them from damage caused by water.

For waterproofing: Clothing: work clothes, anoraks, parkas, vests, suits, overalls, ties, pants, blouses, canvas shoes, suede and leather boots, rain-wear, ski wear, sports and leisurewear, briefcases And satchels. Furniture and decoration: upholstered or padded furniture, carpets, blankets, garden cushions, awnings, gazebos, awning, tarpaulins. Vehicles: seat seats, carrying case, carpet, child car seats, fabric convertible roofs. Hobbies: backpacks, tents, umbrellas and umbrellas, sports and hiking boots, equipment boots.