70-77 PTFE Slide Spray

Dry PTFE based lubricant coating

Made in Germany

70-77 PTFE Slide Spray Metaflux dry colorless lubricant grease-free

• Dry PTFE based lubricant coating
• Clean and colorless
• Grease-free
• Firmly adheres to surface
• Dust, dirt and water repellent
• Resistant to oil, water and other liquids
• Color: white-clear
• Temp. resistance: -60°C to +260°C [-76°F to +500°F]
• Thickness: 0.588 g/cm³ [0.34 oz./in³]

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Range of application

Excellent for industrial sliding surfaces and runners, e.g. paper, wood, textile and industrial packaging processing.
Spray onto the clean, dry and grease-free surface.