70-63 TS 400 Rust Protection

Fast drying protective primer

Made in Germany

70-63 TS 400 Rust Protection Metaflux Rouil-Appret grey fast drying

• Fast drying protective primer for all metals
• Provides reliable and permanent protection of the treated surface
• Bonds with any blank metal surface
• Can be top coated with enamel varnish
• Suitable for spot welding
• Good UV stability
• Special thinner ( item #70-6301) for TS 400 available in 1 l [33.81 fl.oz.] format
• 1 Kg [2.20 lbs.] may coat up to 6 m² [65 ft².] according to layer thickness
• Color: light gray
• Storage temp.: 5°C to 40°C [42° to 104°F] protect from frost
• Application temp.: 4°C to 40°C [39° to 104°F]
• optimal range: 15° to 28°C [59° to 82.4°F]

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Range of application

Prevents formation of rust on steel and stops corrosion on surfaces that are already affected by rust.
N.B.: We recommend conducting a compatibility test prior to application on systems using high percentages of solvents.