00507 00579 Sendygien Nettuno

Liquid soap with sanitizer action

Sanitizing liquid soap characterized by the presence of OPP. Sendygien is ideal for professionals operating in environments subjected to hygiene inspections and quality audits of the HACCP procedures, for example: the food and restaurant industry. It is an essential product, free of any contaminants such as coloring or fragrance, meaning it is particularly delicate on the skin.

• Soap without contaminating ingredients: no color, fragrance nor solvent.
• Not irritating: gentle on the skin.
• Biodegradable.
• Hand sanitizer: contains antibacterial agents.
• Portable and practical format: 1000 ml. = 500 hand washes …

Range of application

Dispense the soap onto your dry hands and rub for a couple of seconds, then rinse carefully.