Permanently Elastic Universal Sealant

Made in Germany

  • Color: blue
  • Viscosity: permanently elastic
  • Temp. resistance: -55°C up to +250°C / 300°C short-term
  • [-67°F up to +482°F / 572°F short-term]

• DVGW and KTW licensed
• Very good adhesion to sealing surface
• Quickly ready to use, no corrosion
• Resistant to many agents
• Can be used universally for many different seals
• Easy to disassemble
• Isocyanate-free
• Fully load-bearing after 15 minutes

Range of application

With different combinations of materials, fluctuation of temperatures and in case of motion, Metaflux Universal Sealant should always be used to replace hardening sealants which tend to form hairline cracks.
Also suitable for plastic-plastic and metalplastic joints.