Activator Spray for Cyanoacrylate Glues

Made in Germany

  • Color: neutral / colorless
  • Odor: alcoholic

Accelerator spray for the hardening process of cyanoacrylate glues
• Large layer thicknesses
• Helps in adverse environmental conditions
• Fast action
• Easy to use

Range of application

Product designed to improve adhesion of glued parts in the assembly process.
Use the activator for cyanoacrylate glues in the following cases:
- Passive Materials such as inert metals and other surfaces
- Large layer Thickness
- Low Temperatures or difficult conditions of application by approx. +15 °C [+ 59°F] and more. Can be used immediately after assembly. Instructions: Clean the spot to be bonded with Metaflux Citrus (75-17 / 75-27). Spray on the activator and allow to aerate. Then apply cyanoacrylate glue. Mount components and allow to harden.