70-84 HT-Super Spray

Lubricant spray

Made in Germany

70-84 HT-Super Spray Metaflux lubricant prevents seizing / corrosion

• High strain resistant lubricant spray
• Prevents seizing and corrosion
• Optimal coverage
• Secure and fast adhesion
• Resistant to saltwater, thinned lye, acids and corrosive industrial environments
• Water repellent
• Color: light yellow
• Temp. resistance: -30°C to +200°C [-22°F to +392°F]
• Thickness: 0.683 g/cm³ [0.39 oz./in³]

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Range of application

Wide range of industrial applications, e.g. sugar refineries, jam factories, paper plants, automotive industry, elevators, construction machinery, utilities, sewage treatment plants, etc. Bearings, pivoting joints, toothed wheels, racks, chain wheels and chains, O-ring chains, wires, sliding tracks, hinges, winders, cables etc.
Spray onto the clean surface.